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Monday - Thursday

7:30 am - 8:00 pm


7:30 am - 8:00 pm


By Appointment

Covid19 arrangements.

Due to the ongoing health crisis around COVID-19 we are unable to provide for face to face consultations. However, we are providing an online and phone consultation service. Call Anne on 0862216045 or Louise on 0862504728 for further details.



How can this benefit you?

● If you have an issue that has been ongoing and you are finding it difficult to get out of the house, we can provide a diagnosis and treatment plan for most cases via specific questioning. The intention is not to replahce physical therapy but can help you in the short term  

● We have many years of experience and using our comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy and combining that with an accurate array of questions, we can formulate a diagnosis and a treatment plan which can be set up within minutes


● Reassurance from speaking with a qualified therapist who can ensure you are doing your exercises correctly.

● Fully accessible once you have phone access.

In order to prepare for your Online Consultation please read the following points:

 ● Wear appropriate clothing for the consultation. (Shorts for leg or back injuries, Vest top for neck or back injuries)

● Set your device up in a room where you can be seen perform different Range of Motion movements and testing where appropriate

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