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If you are starting to run there are important stages to work gradually through. It is crucialy important to warm up before you start your run with some dynamic stretches (short stretches of the major muscle groups, just 5 second hold) Gradually build up your running time and distance and finish off with static stretches to maintain muscle length. Unlike the dynamic stretching done during the warm up, your after exercise stretching should be sustained, holding the position of stretch for at lea...

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Neck Pain

Neck, shoulder and arm pain

Neck strain can cause pain in the muscles of the neck itself and also cause pain to spread into the shoulders and even the arms.  

neck pain 

In all cases of neck pain, physiotherapy treatment is beneficial.  Manual therapy is used to ease the movement restriction, relax muscles and facilitate normal movement. Mobility, strengthening and postural exercises are an intrinsic element of the treatment.

Injury can occur from lifting incorrectly or from trauma such as a fall or whiplash. Often the pain comes on for no apparent reason and can be due to poor posture at work, leisure or even when sleeping.  This poor posture leads to cumulative strain on the ligaments and muscles so that even a relatively minor movement can be a trigger for pain. Whatever the cause of your neck pain, poor posture is frequently a huge factor and improving your posture a necessary element in recovery. 

Cervical discs can also be injured and lead to pressure on nerve roots, causing arm pain that can be severe. This arm pain is often associated with pins and needles, numbness and sometimes weakness of specific muscle groups. We will do a thorough assessment and examination to identify your problem and choose the best treatment.

Repetitive Strain Injury(RSI), can be a symptom of neck strain. Certain occupations require prolonged repetition of small movements. Using the key board or mouse of a computer can fall into this category.  Poor neck and back posture can combine with a poor work position to exacerbate the stress of the activity and increase the risk of developing repetitive strain.

Improving your posture at work and leisure, whether it's when driving, working at a computer, using a smart phone or watching tv, plays a major part in preventing recurrence. 

If after examination we feel it is necesary, or if the above management does not relieve your symptoms and you need further investigation, we will refer you to your GP for medication or further consultation.