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About us

The Sandymount  Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic was established in 1986 and has been providing high standard Physiotherapy care to patients in the Dublin area since.  All our physiotherapists are chartered and have years of experience in assessment and treatment and getting patients back  to health and fitness as quickly as possible. Assessment of the causes and contributary factors allows us, through a combination of manual therapy, exercise and education, to get you back in action with minimal risk of recurrence.

The principal Physiotherapists are Louise Wilson and Anne Blaney.

Anne BlaneyOlympic physiotherapist Anne Blaney qualified from Trinity College Dublin  and worked in hospitals and private practice in Scotland, South Africa and Ireland before joining the Sandymount Physiotherapy Clinic in 1996. Since qualifying Anne completed graduate studies in Manipulative Therapy and in recent times has undertaken a Graduate Diploma in  Sports Physiotherapy at UCD.  Anne was one of 3 physiotherapists with the Olympic Council of Ireland at the Atlanta Olympic games in 1996 and attended the Sydney and Athens Olympics with the Irish Sailing team.  Anne has had many years of assessing high performance athletes.  Preparticipation assessment aims to identify imbalances  or weaknesses which may cause injury and by correcting these strives to prevent injury.  Anne adopts this approach in her management of all clients be they  high preformance athletes, weekend warriors, occupational athletes, new mums or the elderly coping at home.  Anne is an active menber of the Chartered Physiotherapists in Musculoskeletal Therapy(CPMT) and in Sport and Exercise Medicine (CPSEM). Anne was the first Irish Physiotherapist involved with the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapists.

Louise WilsonLouise Wilson qualified from University College Dublin and gained a broad range of experience working in hospitals and private practice in both Canada and Ireland before setting up the Sandymount Physiotherapy Clinic in 1986.  She specialises in the treatment of back and neck problems and sports injuries and has undertaken post graduate studies in both Manipulative Therapy and Sports Injuries.  Louise has many years of experience in assessing musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries and is an expert in diagnosing problems, identifying  the cause and the best treatment , using manipulative therapy and exercise therapy. She is especially interested in Pilates and core control strategies in the prevention of injury and the management of back pain. Louise is a member of MACP (Chartered Physiotherapists in Manip Therapy, UK), CPMT (Chartered Physiotherapists in Manual Therapy, Irl), CPSEM (Chartered physiotherapists in Sport and Exercise Medicine, Irl) and regularly attends a vareity of courses taught by leaders in the field of manual and exercise therapy.

 Adele ChapmanAdele Chapman, who joined the practice in 2009, is a chartered physiotherapist with an interest in exercise medicine.  She many years experience in both clinical physiotherapy and physiotherapy education. She has a post graduate Diploma in Teaching and Course Development in Higher Education from the University of London and considerable experience in education, having taught for a number of years in Brunel University, London and in Trinity College, Dublin.  In 2009, becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits of pilates exercise, Adele completed a Stott Pilates Instructor Course and is currently teaching beginner and intermediate pilates. Adeles clinical interests relate to pilates for low back pain and osteoporosis. Adele is also interested in falls prevention in the elderly and has, in recent years, obtained a post graduate qualification in fall prevention and the delivery of exercise to the elderly.


Mary MaloneMary Malone is our friendly and efficient secretary / manager and has been with the Sandymount Clinic for many years.  Mary manages appointments and can assist with you with enquiries and any paperwork you may require.

 All physiotherapists working in the Sandymount Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic have a university degree in Physiotherapy, post-graduate education and certification in manipulative therapy and treatment of sports injuries. Our Physiotherapists constantly update their skills through continuing education courses in order to provide the best possible treatment for their clients. The clinic has regular in-service training workshops and journal clubs to keep up to date with the latest developments in the profession. Sandymount Physiotherapy Clinic is a designated provider to the AVIVA Backup programme.

We also specialise in:

  • Repetitive strains 
  • Back pain and Sciatica 
  • Occupation related injuries
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Biomechanical foot assessment and orthotics
  • Whiplash
  • Postural problems
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Women's health
  • Running injuries 
  • Overuse injuries